Pre-PBP: Hanging out with the Raschdorfs in London

We spent a few days with the Raschdorfs in London on our way to Paris.  It was lovely to visit, get to know the incredibly well-tempered Baby B a little bit, and ride in nearby Richmond Park with Katie.

katie and janice in the new NJ jerseys

Katie and I must have looked strange as we meandered through the park: Katie on the tandem, not only without a stoker, but also without back handlebars and saddle, and me on the Bike Friday.  We passed several herd of deer including large groups of stags with antlers that were as scary as they were impressive.


Since Katie had completed her training regimen, this little ramble was everything that a training ride is not: slow, relaxed, a ride during which conversation and viewing scenery took precedence.

On our last full day in England, Jayne and I spent an afternoon and evening being tourists in London.  Because they are kind and generous people, and/or because they wanted us as far away as possible the day before the road/ferry expedition from London to Paris, the Raschdorfs bought us tickets to the Globe for Wednesday night.  We spent a day as tourists in a city that bears up well under the pressure of mobs of people from all over the world.  The sites are as amazing as you imagine them to be, bus tour operators are solicitous, and restaurant servers are gracious.  The photo below was snapped from our river-side table at Cote Brasserie near London Bridge.  Great place to hang out for a leisurely lunch.


Before the play, we had a light dinner and a couple of half pints at The Swan, a pub located next to the Globe.  From the deck, we had a(nother) view of the Thames and the Millennium Bridge.


Such a short visit certainly makes me look forward to the time when we can return and see not only more of London but also some of the rest of England.  Of course, we would also visit with the Raschdorfs, if they would have us again, even though I’d rather see them back at home.  It’s good to see them doing well, but traveling far for short visits with friends or family can almost make you miss them more somehow.  Still, if you’ve got to travel to see people, London is a pretty interesting place for all of that to happen.


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