On our way

We should board the flight to Heathrow in about 30 minutes.

J and J at the airport

I’m finishing a cup of airport coffee, but I couldn’t buy the tasteless, soft croissant as I am already looking forward to the flaky and buttery version in Paris.  Even though I’m not riding PBP, I plan to eat my share of Pain au chocolat.

Posts on FB and the randon listserv indicate that some PBP aspirants are already in Paris while others are busy trying to fit their bicycles into bike cases, perhaps with the help of YouTube instructions?  I’m traveling with my Bike Friday, which I’ve packed so many times in the past few years that I know all I need to do is sit down next to it with a couple of allen wrenches and start dismantling, folding and packing the bits into their felt envelopes.  Less nerve-wracking than packing a full-size bike for a 750-mile ride.

For us, a few days in London before traveling to PBP with friends Katie, Rich, and Bianca.  Fish and chips, a bacon butty (not!), and a few beers.  A little time with our friends.

Then the excitement of PBP…well, from the sidelines anyway.  Looking forward to seeing all my riding pals off from Paris.

Safe travels everyone, and may you arrive with your bike.


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