Serendipitous January Ride

In the northeast, January and February cannot be trusted to be kind to cyclists.  Naturally we expect cold and snowy days but even a promising weather forecast early in the week can degenerate into a near-blizzard by Sunday, ruining your scheduled ride.  Last minute planning works best and our NJ/PA group is getting adept at using FB to quickly set up a ride when it seems certain that we can make it through at least 100K without freezing off toes and fingers or risking slipping and sliding over the roads.

Last Saturday NJ RBA Joe Kratovil posted a note to FB announcing that a short ride was on for Sunday morning. We agreed to wait until 10 or 10:30 to minimize the risk from ice, and since we were having such a leisurely start, some of us also agreed to meet at Teddy’s (in Cranbury) for breakfast beforehand.

In this season, such days are a gift.  After spending so much time indoors, it’s wonderful to get out and spin.  The winter landscape, stark and open, can be snowy white or, as it was on Sunday, a brown sloppy mess.  We sloshed our way through small lakes and rivers of melting snow all along the course, admired a field full of snow geese, and contentedly munched on Clif bars, cookies and pumpkin bread, spinning and spinning, easily, lightly, around the course.

On such a day there is time for conversation, there is time for taking pictures of the snow geese (see the NJ Rando FB page), and there is just enough time to finish the ride and get home before the next snow storm starts.  That’s good enough.  Better than good enough.

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