Early Sunday Morning Ride to Henley Beach and Back

16 miles on a cool and misty morning.  Hutt St to Wakefield St/Grote St/Sir Donald Bradman Dr.  Then Bagot Ave and Henley Beach Rd all the way to the beach.  Not many people out yet when I was there.

henley beach sunday morning

Sunday morning at Henley Beach

Adelaide is a great city for seeing traditional Australian architecture.  Along Bagot Ave I saw many examples of what I believe is early twentieth century architecture.  If wikipedia is to be believed, the house below is a kind of bungalow, but there are variations on this design. Deep verandahs are common, but some of houses have elaborate cast iron filigree work.

Traditional house along Bagot Ave.

Traditional house along Bagot Ave.

On the way home, I stopped along Sir Donald Bradman Dr. at what I discovered was a site sculpture.  I’ve passed this place many times over the last five years on my way to and from the airport, but never stopped to examine the structures.

Site sculpture depicting the need for shelter by all cultures. According to internet information, the beehive-shaped structures, arranged in a number of clusters, are built from different kinds of local stone.

Back through the city, past Central Market, through the center of Victoria Square, and home again.

Down at the corner.  How to pronounce this street name?

Down at the corner. How to pronounce this street name?

I could get used to doing rides tourist-style.  It’s fun to take a little time to explore some of the interesting and curious things that I would usually just fly by (well, as close as I get to “flying” by).  I could have done this without breaking my arm, but you know, I probably wouldn’t have.

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