Do you know the way to San Jose?

Google is incredibly optimistic in its estimate that it’s about a 7 1/2 hour drive from San Diego to San Jose.  Yeah, no, more like 9 hours.  Unless there is another San Jose 2 hours closer to San Diego?

When we reached San Jose, we discovered that several hotels in this area have very similar names.  San Jose Airport Hotel. San Jose Airport Inn. San Jose Airport Garden Hotel.  Finally we found our hotel and our room.  A little cranky, we decided that we needed dinner fast.  A Japanese restaurant that served good sushi as well as large bottles of cold Japanese beer was just the ticket.  We didn’t have quite as much fun, though, as the table of 5 young men and 1 woman who were downing their second large bottle of sake as we left.

So we’re here, at the San Jose Airport Garden Hotel, just waiting really, for the start of the ride.  I am tough on myself during these pre-ride periods, making myself tired with my questions and worries.  I just rode the first 6 miles of the route, trying to breathe more deeply, trying to get a grip.  It’s hard to understand how I can both really want to do rides like this one but at the same time make myself crazy worrying about whether I can do it.

Since randonneuring is not dissimilar to many other challenges in life, perhaps the lesson for me to learn is that you really never know how something is going to turn out, no matter how prepared you are.  It seems important to accept that adequate preparations provide the basis for accomplishing a goal without guaranteeing success, success and failure being so closely linked as to be almost the same thing sometimes.  So why worry about which way something is going to go?

This is what happens when I have time on my hands…too much thinking.

But I still wonder how google could possibly say that the drive from San Diego to San Jose is a 7-hour trip?



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3 Responses to Do you know the way to San Jose?

  1. Bob says:

    Janice, you should be clicking into your pedals right about now and may you have a great experience. Looking forward to updates and a ride report.

  2. Iron Rider says:

    Maybe Google drove it at night? while speeding?

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