Pre-California Central Coast Randonnee

I promised myself that I would start writing more as soon as my sabbatical started.  Well, the only way I could trick myself into thinking I might be keeping that promise is to say that the sabbatical hasn’t properly started yet.  Trip to visit Mom in mid-May.  Doing work on the house that hasn’t been done in the last 10 years in June.  25th anniversary and wedding in July.  Party to celebrate these important life events.  Good excuses but they don’t really work, do they?

I’m sitting on the sofa in our San Diego room.  It’s 6am, Sunday morning, a few days before the start of 3CR.  I know I need to slow my brain down, breathe and, as much as possible, stay calm, so that I actually have some energy for the start of the ride on Thursday morning.  I have a ride planned just a bit later in the day and then a small party with family and friends this evening.  But for now, there is nothing else that I need to do.  Finally, writing is just right.

So this is the start of keeping that promise.  I plan to show up to the start line of 3CR.  I plan to give it my best shot.  I hope to finish the ride.  I hope to ride at least parts of it with old friends and new.  I hope to enjoy a good part of the ride.  I look forward to the challenging stretch on the coast highway–such a beautiful stretch and I have wanted to ride it for a long time.  If we have clear skies at least part of the time, we will even have moonlight assistance and that would be amazing.  The third day’s route takes many roads that I’ve ridden while doing the Solvang Century and the CA AIDS Rides years ago, so I hope that the familiarity of my surroundings will counter the fatigue and help me to keep going.

We’ll see.  And there will be updates here since I really am on sabbatical.

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