Final Errandonnee

Finished the challenge today with 31 miles.  Not much to spare, but that’s ok.  Folks in my office have been looking askance at me for the last two days for riding at all with the temperatures as cold as they are while I’m still hacking and constantly blowing my nose.  I dare not explain the urgency of my mission lest they decide that they should never again listen to anything I have to say.  Photo documentation for the last day.  Nothing for my stop at the library which wasn’t open yet.  I did find out that it opens at 10am and that they have a rack of tourist pamphlets and brochures in the lobby that is open before the library itself opens.  But photos for my stop at CVS (chocolate for the office and a battery for one of my bike computers) and Global Libations for more coffee beans are here.


Our new favorite coffee

Our new favorite coffee

Easter Chocolates already available?  Isn't it February?

Easter Chocolates already available? Isn’t it February?

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