Errandonnee # 2

I think I realized last night why this challenge tickles me so.  It’s because I use my bike for errands on a regular basis and enjoy being able to get things done without a car.  I ride to work as much as possible–all year.  In the summer, I stop at the two Mennonite farms that  I pass on my way to work to buy fresh-picked raspberries and blueberries.  We bought a small chest freezer a couple of years ago and now stock it full of summer produce for the winter.  Right now I’m smelling the apple-berry crisp that we’re going to have for dessert.  Blackberries from the farm half way down Bowers Rd have cooked and their juices have burst free to create a lovely purplish dessert.  I can hardly wait.

Today it was cold, even at 10:30 when I left for Kutztown.  Snow on the driveway from last night’s storm, and temperatures only just above freezing.  Just a short ride: a stop at the post office, dry cleaner’s , CVS, and then the coffee shop for a quick hot drink.  I came home the lazy way…in the car with Jayne.  But that’s ok.  It really was cold and I’m still struggling with a bit of a cold.  Still, it was good to get out for a few miles.


Leaving for my second errandonnee.


At the post office–only a Terry catalogue in today’s mail.




Coats will be clean on Monday.


Last stop–coffee. So ok. I thought I had rotated the image but now it’s still sideways. Sorry.

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