Errandonnee #1

I love the idea of errandonnee.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

Basically, it’s an easy way to enjoy bits of cycling in February and to keep our minds occupied while we’re waiting for the warmer weather that will allow us to head out for those longer adventures.  In February, just getting to work safely can be an adventure, and this brilliant little challenge acknowledges that.

So, for day one of the challenge, I rode to work and back, and on the way home stopped at the bike shop (King’s Cyclery) and the Lyon Station Post Office to get our mail.  In one day, I have completed 33% of the miles and 25% of the required stops to qualify for a “prize” (although just occupying my mind with this challenge is prize enough for me).

Photo evidence of today’s adventure is here:


I have the best parking place on campus.

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