Moving to Month 2 of Training Program

This Friday I fly to Ft. Lauderdale for the “Boca Kanner,” a 197-mile route that takes in Boca Raton, Lake Okeechobee, and a good long stretch along the Atlantic shore.  If I get myself down there, and if I complete this ride, I will have both the 200km and 300km qualifiers done for the Gold Rush.  If.  I will also have two-thirds of my scheduled February training done if I finish this ride.  

This year in randonneuring is not only about prepping for the Gold Rush Randonnee in June but also about pushing out on my comfort limits a bit.  I like to be home.  I like to be with people I know.  I like to know the route before I start the ride to limit the possibility of getting lost.  I use my brakes frequently on hills.

This February ride will force me to be a bit outside my comfort zone for a couple of days although the temperature will be 80 degrees and the route is largely flat, I think.  I should be able to deal with this, right?

I hope to enjoy the ride.  I should take a few pictures, enjoy the new sights, meet new randonneurs and hopefully find others who also do not ride speedily and that I might see again on other rides this year.  I do not promise to not use my brakes on hills, but I do promise to view this trip as an adventure, to learn from it, to do my best to finish the ride, and then return home with a good story to tell.  Stay tuned.

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