Christmas in California

Jayne and I made our annual trek to San Diego for the holiday season.  I’ve enjoyed riding around Hillcrest, Balboa Park, San Diego Bay, the Strand, Coronado… re-exploring old routes, seeing familiar and new sights.  One day I rode south along the harbor skirting National City and Chula Vista, turning west on a new stretch of bike path that cuts across the edge of the salt marshes and puts you directly onto the path running north and south on the strand.  I looked for and saw the white piles of salt and workers out on the ponds.  I found out that this area is called the South Bay Salt Works and has been in operation for over 100 years (according to the San Diego Travel Tips site).  A couple of articles I found suggest that salt works is closing and that this area will see development of some sort.  That will be a shame as this area is also, of course, home to many species of birds and other forms of life.

Riding north along the strand, you see the city skyline to your right across the harbor, and you catch glimpses of the ocean occasionally over the sand dunes.  This is a longish stretch of bike path (around 10 miles) but eventually you approach Coronado and see the the Hotel Del Coronado on your left.  If you want to avoid the city of Coronado, you can skirt around it by staying near the shoreline, passing tennis courts and a golf course.  Eventually you pass under the Coronado bridge and approach the restaurants and shops that are clustered near the ferry landing.

I decided to pay my $4.25 and take the ferry back to downtown San Diego.  Other cyclists and tourists had the same idea and after a short wait, we were on our way across the bay. The Convention Center is to the right, and as you approach the dock on the San Diego side, you pass the USS Midway.  On this day, it appeared to be a very popular tourist destination.

I’m trying to pay attention now to some of the sights and landmarks of San Diego that I never paid attention to when I lived here.  I still have much to discover.

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