Thank you stimulus money!

It happened again. Last Saturday Katie and I rode the last, and then the first, segments of the NJ 300 and encountered another road closure due to a bridge being under construction. A few weeks ago when we did a permanent, we encountered two bridge closures, but there was no way we were getting over the streams in either case. We even got yelled at by a woman living next to one of them. Last Saturday, however, we were in luck. This was a tiny creek, and it wasn’t flowing at full capacity. Katie was skeptical, but I trudged through the thick mud down to the creek and found the most shallow spot, then looked around for some big rocks to make a bridge for us. Yep, I found a few big flat stones and threw them in. Oops–no, I didn’t do it on purpose but the rocks made a bit of a splash going in and somehow Katie was more directly in the path of the water that flew up at us.
So ok. We got through the stream and made our way steadily to Kingston Bakery for lunch and then turned around. The colors on the hills were amazing and we made sure to appreciate the beauty around us as we headed back to Whitehouse. Nearing the area with bridge (well, lack of), we discussed taking a detour but decided against it, not wanting to get lost. Somehow, though, when we crossed the stream a second time, we both stepped into deeper and stickier mud. Yuck! I still have mud on my shoes and tires from that crossing. And I got yelled at, as if it was my fault that Katie walked into the mud, too. Well anyhow, we got across and rode the last three or four miles back to Whitehouse Station, took off our muddy gear and had coffee at Starbucks. Despite the road closure, it was a good training ride, and the fall colors were at their peak. A lovely day.

Randonneurs will do anything to complete a ride.

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One Response to Thank you stimulus money!

  1. Katie says:

    I DID NOT YELL AT YOU! even though by the time the ride was over I was soaked from you throwing rocks (at me) and you leading me into ankle deep mud.

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