Saturday ride to St. Peter’s Bakery

The weather forecast was for a humid 90 degrees so I decided to get moving as early as I could.  Jayne and I had agreed to meet at St. Peter’s Bakery in St. Peter’s Village, just under 30 miles from our house.  We’d bought some of their bread and croissants at a local farmer’s market a few weeks ago, and when they told us they had a bakery and restaurant, we decided to look it up.  If you look up the bakery online, you’ll see that they are located right next to a stream and that they have a deck that you can sit on with your meal.  We googled directions and agreed on a meeting time.

I rode through Oley valley and along Covered Bridge Rd.  I took a right on Rt 563 at Yellow House and then took Limekiln Rd to 422.  Crossing 422 near Island Pizza, I had memories of doing this section of the fleche a few years ago.  That was a good ride–and a great team.  I made my way through Monocacy, took a left on 724 and quick right on Shed Rd which connects eventually with 345 at the top of the hill.  You take 345 south to Rt 23, and Rt 23 to St. Peter’s Rd.  Pretty simple directions but there is quite a substantial climb up Shed Rd to French Creek State Park.  Fortunately, most of this was in the shade this morning so it was a lovely ride. 

Jayne was already there when I got to the bakery, hungry.  We walked in to the bakery and we were both so hungry that we wanted to order more than we could eat.  But we got great turkey and cheese sandwiches on fresh bread, got some bread to bring home, and sat out on the deck for a while to eat.

Yum! Great sandwich washed down with extra strong ginger beer.

If I can figure out how to load photos into my blog, I’ll add pictures of my sandwich and the creek below the deck.  It was so great to sit and relax with Jayne for a little bit.  The end of the semester has been tough–we needed this treat.

The Satisfied Cyclist

And now that we know where the bakery is, we’ll really have to return.

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